About Us

iTrackerX is a Fleet Management solutions partner. With offices in Namibia and South Africa, we deliver the most advanced technology to clients across a vast spectrum of industries and markets.

Our range of GPS/GSM (GPRS) products are scalable and can be tailored to meet any organisation's fleet management requirements. Our core deliverables include:

·         Fleet optimisation

·         Increased operational efficiency

·         Reducing fleet expenditure

·         Fleet data centralisation

·         Driver safety

·         Transparency

·         Green Driving

·         XTreme Control


Our product is built on values that guide us in our unwavering mission, to deliver the ultimate and most advanced product, globally. These values are:

·         Purpose – doing what we were born to do

·         Steadfast Integrity

·         Consistency and efficiency in our processes and systems

·         Uncompromising in exceptional service

·         Delivering through unity, whilst embracing diversity

·         Creating a platform for innovation and creativity in all functions of the organisation

·         Economic Responsibility

·         Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)